About Us

We implement your imagination to

Journey of Light & Shade began it’s journey back in 1995 as a photography company. Today, we are grown into a big
name in event venue constructions. Our company caters to all kinds of event needs from event planning and strategising,
event operations management, high quality light and sound, truss, barricading, seating gallery, AC hanger, summer shade
hanger, various seating arrangements, photography, videography  etc.

We are the proud owners of specialised equipment like world class stands for outdoor events like sports  and outdoor
demonstrations, huge collection of decorative construction materials for building huge stages for entertainment, etc.

Light & Shade’s growth trajectory is result of its expert art directors, light and sound professionals, expert management
team and dedicated hard working executive team.

Light & Shade Events has clients across domains. We specialise in Political Rallies, Sports events, Entertainment,
Exhibitions, Festivals and Photography. We have also successfully conducted many corporate conferences and
weddings. In our 2 decades of journey we have had elite clientele with staggering number of projects. We have
conducted 300+ political rallies which includes rally for PM and President of India, 50+ sports events including district,
state and national level events, 50+ festival constructions, 100+ weddings and parties and the list goes on.

Our pride is our results which our delightful clients have testified, time and again.

We believe in working with passion and in style. Our motto is – You Imagine, We Implement.









Our Strengths

As a venue construction company we believe and our pillars of strengths are:

1. Creative and dedicated team
2. Huge resources to deliver every kind of event
3. Our experience to implement event effectively and efficiently

Our team consists of experienced art directors, event planners, media executives and many more.

We have huge collection of world class resources that include truss, different types of Hangers,various kinds of seating
arrangements, barricades for effective crowd management, huge LED screens, amenities to build all kinds
pavilions(Mandap), huge aquariums for showcasing, collection of paintings to beautify every event and many more.

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