One of the core activities of Light & Shade Events, India being the largest Democracy in the world along with a strong multi-party presence, you can definitely expect many events that are political in nature, happening at all times. In fact, when you open the newspapers, the headlines are generally related to the various political events that have taken place in the country. These political events have certainly made their mark in Indian politics and Light & Shade today has become a universal choice for all Political parties.

Shiv Sena/ NCP/ BJP/ for their growing taste and demands are seeking our services. We have catered and have successfully completed the events to the likes of Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers, The Shinde's, The Thackeray’s, The Pawar's & Mr Awhad. We have created a record-breaking site installation by using state of art technology which has been appreciated by all the concerned Authorities.

All political parties’ needs are carefully analysed and through creative, artistic branding & stage presentation with the most unique roof truss, the event is successfully executed.